Audison TH 6.5 II SAX 6.5" Thesis Woofer Set

Кратко описание:

Висок клас Hi-End автомобилни басови говорители
Подходящи за изграждане на качествени SQ озвучителни системи

Power Handling 150 W
Continuous Power300 W Peak Power
Impedance 4 Ω
Frequency Response 40 ÷ 4500 Hz
Sensitivity 87 dB/Spl
N48 “H-grade” Neodymium
Cone  TPX®

Цена: 1689 лв.

1. 50 mm mobile voice coil in CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon)
wound with flat wire to maximize the force factor and heat dissipation.
2. Low inductance of the mobile voice coil to optimize the emission in
medium-high band (2-3 kHz).
3. N48 “H-grade” neodymium magnet with superb thermal stability to
guarantee an optimal dynamic reserve in every situation.
4. Magnetic group geometry designed using finite element simulation
software to maximize efficiency by concentrating the magnetic field in
the gap.
5. Membrane made of TPX®, a transparent material that reduces the
frequency response irregularities in the mid-high band, leaving the
speaker interior in full view.
6. Membrane geometry designed using simulation software, to obtain a
smooth emission over all the listening angles.
7. Basket made of a single piece of die-cast aluminium featuring four
pairs of spokes to optimize heat transfer, nullify turbulent airflows and
ensure maximum structural rigidity.
8. Hi-excursion suspension and spider, optimized with simulations of the
loudspeaker multi-physical behavior.
9. eID technology providing TH 6.5 II traceability starting from the
manufacturing stage up to the owner.