CTK DoorKit Standart Kit For 2 Doors

Кратко описание:

Комплект вибропоглъщащ + звукоизолационен материал подготвен за полагане на 2 врати

Комплекта съдържа:
CTK Standrt Pro 2  - 8 листа 37x50cm вибропоглъщащ - 1,5кв.м
CTK LineFix 7        - 4 листа 37x50cm звукоизолация  -  0,75кв.м
CTK Elastic 6         -  2 листа 37x50cm Звукопоглъщащ - 0,37кв.м

Цена: 139 лв.

CTK STANDARD DOORKIT includes an optimally selected set of three effective
1.STANDARD PRO significantly reduces vibrations which are arised during car
movemet and due to operation of the acoustic system.
2.ELASTIC should be installed over sound deadening material in order to provide
better sound insulation of passenger compartment.
3.LINEFIX is a noise-absorbing material for treatment of the inner side of door
panel surface.
Recommended application temperature (°C) - from +10 to +30.
Operating temperature (°C) - from -40 to +100.