HERTZ MM 12" 8000W peak SPL Monster Subwoofer

Кратко описание:

12" свръх мощен субуфер, специално разработен за SPL състезания.

Състои се от 2 мобилни групи - моторна група с корпус и магнит - MM12
и системата от Kevlar конус  - MG12 
Размер: 300mm (15") 
Мощност: - 8000W Peak  
Мощност - 2000W Continuous 
Импеданс:  1.5Ω 1.5Ω 
Честотна лента:   32 ÷ 1000 Hz
динамика: 94dB SP
Размер на бобината: Ø  75mm (3") 
Материал на конуса- Kevlar с 2 трептилки

Цена: 1369 лв.

Цена с online поръчка: 959 лв.


Xmax- 20 mm
X-mech- 35mm (1.4") 

1. RMA: Removable Mobile Assembly for durable performance level during
2. Four-layer CCAW voice coil, wound on TIL-P support with venting holes, a fibermixed
material providing high thermal and mechanic resistance.
3. Voice coil winding treated with a special thermal paint lowering the working
temperature by 30% and reducing mechanical stress.
4. DSS-2: Double Symmetrical Spider featuring a progressive roll. Each pair of spiders
is coupled with silicon glue, for a limitless power handling.
5. Back vented spider support, avoiding air compression during wide excursion.
6. Reduced contact resistance connections with 8 AWG cables soldered directly to the
7. Flat textile-waved ultra-low resistance leadwires integrated into the spider for
unparalleled conductivity.
8. High-density large foam surround, ensuring high efficiency thanks to low weight
and undistorted pressure even under extreme excursions.
9. Water-repellent pressed paper cone.