MED IPF 2002 Ultrasonic Sensor

Кратко описание:

Допълншителен ултразвуков обемен датчик с възможност за прецизна настройка на охраняваният периметър

Подходящ за охрана както на вътрешен така и на външен периметър 

Цена: 100 лв.

Possible to be matched to all med alarm unit and to the protection systems MedSky MS10 CAN to warning in case vehicle intrusion.
It’s not affected by air currents so it’s particularly suitable for CABRIO cars (also with open roof) and CAMPER.
Suitable to protect the loading area of the commercial vehicles.
Hidden installation. It can be placed under no metallic coating such as : plastic, wood, cloth and leather.

Technical features
Negative alarm output.
No maintenance.
12V feeding.